Sunday, April 6, 2008

Roll Over, Beethoven!!!

It's official! Anja ROLLED OVER today!! She went from her back to her stomach and it was soooooo great. She's been trying for so long, and today she finally did it! And she was so pleased with herself! I thought she might be kind of startled the first time she finally made it over, but she was all smiley instead. It was great!

You always can tell for sure that spring is here when you come to the end of the day and see that you have dirty feet. Mine are filthy today! Definitely the mark of a good weekend. Yesterday we took the new stroller out in the evening and today we went on two different hikes in town. Late in the morning we met up with Baxter and TusaRebecca over at Happy Hollow and walked around on the trails over there. It was really nice out and the dogs had a great time. They liked each other! Baxter is gaining some weight, which means he looks fluffier than ever. Compared to him, Karenin looks tiny!

For lunch we met up with Matt Aiken and he suggested we go to that new place over by Vienna, Noodles & Co. or something like that? Anyway, it's kind of a strange place. This was the first weekend they've been open; they have a menu of Asian food, Mediterranean food and American food. I got Pad Thai. In general the place reminds me of Chipotle, but I guess that is the style for new restaurants these days.

After lunch we came home and hung around with Karenin for awhile, then packed up and drove out to Battleground to walk around their trails for awhile. It was kind of a busy place and everyone seemed to be taking the Heritage Trail, so we went across the road to Prophet's Rock and the hilly trails over there. It was pretty nice and we were the only ones there for the most part. We were afraid Anja was going to get a sunburn so we kept her covered up pretty well in Martin's baseball cap. She's such a good sport! She LOVES walks!!! The only time she ever fusses on a walk is when the sun is in her eyes.

It's kind of fun on the weekend to put in a movie and watch it on and off. Yesterday we put in "Little Miss Sunshine," which we hadn't seen in ages, and we would watch it in pieces, then we finished it this morning after church. It's such a weird and hilarious movie!! I love it! And it's always great to watch something after you haven't seen it in so long so you forget about the really funny parts and it all seems new to you.

And now, more pictures of the weekend!
This is Anja, saying "Mmumumummmmm."
This is us.

Martin's hiking shadow! Can you seen Anja in front? It makes him look like a really hardcore hiker with a pack on his back, but actually I think that's his arm.

On Friday night I played at the Klein Brot Haus and Anja sat with me for a couple of songs.

This is Martin coming out of the elevator on our walk to Vienna on Saturday evening. Does it look like broad daylight? The courthouse bells were chiming 7:00 when I took this picture.


Anna May said...

I enjoyed all your pictures. I wish I could put up links. I still haven't learned to do that one.

LauraSuz said...

Annie, my feet were disgusting too!! I said yesterday that I officially have city-girl feet now...I couldn't walk barefoot on my parents driveway without it hurting.

And congrats to your bambino for rolling over!