Friday, April 4, 2008

The Idle Rich

Yesterday, Kim and I played music and gave a short presentation to the Thursday Club. Evidently this club is over 100 years old, and they get together on the first Thursday of every month for tea and a presentation of some kind. They must be running out of presentation ideas after 100 years, as was evident by their asking us to participate. I knew some of the ladies there, and it was a funny little sneak peek into the lives of the rich old ladies of the community. Anja went along and she did great for what was expected of her... we were told that we'd be playing at 12:30, so I fed her at noon right before we headed over... we ended up not playing until about 2:00 and we didn't get home until well after 3:00. Just in case anyone was wondering, two o'clock is WAY past Anja's usual time for a nap. She had the slightest little meltdown while I was playing, so I snuck away and fed her, she fell right asleep, and she slept the rest of the time we were there and far into the afternoon. The poor little thing must've been absolutely worn out... she had a royal fit in the car on the way to pick up Martin, and didn't really fall asleep until about the time we were getting home again. That was around 9:00.... and she is STILL asleep!!! She only woke up once in the night! Poor tired thing.

But there's also the worry that I ate some milk yesterday in the chicken salad sandwiches we were offered at the tea. I make chicken salad with mayonnaise, but Martin said some people make it with yogurt. I also ate some lemon bars, which have always been okay in the past, but I don't know how other people make them, maybe they put milk in them or something. Anyway, she never screams like that anymore, so whenever it happens we automatically assume that I've either eaten some milk by accident, or she has an ear infection. We'll see how she is today whenever she wakes up.

It's going to be a busy weekend! Tonight Kim and I are playing at the Klein Brot Haus. That'll be great, especially if Anja's back to her old self. We'll get free dinner and good company. Maybe we'll buy some challah bread for the weekend too! On Saturday I'm going to Laura's bridal shower (um, p.s., Anne, I never formally RSVPed, but I'm coming, if that's okay!) Yay! I think I'll wear my purple wrap skirt with my new cutie summer sandals that I ordered when it was still winter. They are soooooooo cute. And the high is supposed to be in the low 60's both days this weekend, and we often end up hitting a higher temperature than what is predicted!! Martin will go to work while I'm at the bridal shower, to get that out of the way for the weekend, and then on Sunday hopefully we'll go to 7:30 mass and then hit the trails in the afternoon. I'll be our first weekend out and we have many places to choose from, and many things to consider. I still don't think Anja will like riding in her carriers, however she might be big enough to try a back carrier at this point. She holds herself up really well. (I'm tempted to get the exersaucer out today and see what she thinks of it!) We also got our fabulous new stroller, but I don't think we can take that on the Heritage Trail, or at least only to a certain point. So our options are Prophetstown, Happy Hollow, Battle Ground, or the Heritage Trail. I think if we use the stroller we'll go to Prophetstown because it's pretty un-rugged out there. Anyway. I'm just rambling now. But we're DEFINITELY going someplace, but I doubt we'll go anyplace far like Turkey Run. Besides that, it'll probably still be flooded anyway. It's always flooded at this time of year.

I have such a nice life this morning! I'm glad Martin got me up as he was leaving so I could take a shower with him still here. Now I'm all ready for the day, listening to Anja snore over the monitor, with Karenin asleep at my feet.

There seems to be an unfortunate pattern in my days. Our mornings are fabulous, our afternoons start out very nicely, and then between 4:30 and 6:30 everything gets horrible. The dog goes nuts EVERY DAY at that time, right at the same time as Anja decides that she no longer wants anything but to just be held. So every day I end up taking Karenin out about every twenty minutes, taking the baby with me out there, and then almost every day it's happened at least once that when going back inside, the cat gets out and here I am with two animals and a baby, trying to get everyone back into the house without accidentally (or intentionally) killing any of them. And it doesn't help that I have a horrible habit of throwing trash bags just outside the kitchen door instead of putting them in the garbage can (approximately one step away from the doorway) so then critters get into the bags at night and there is often some food trash there on the ground and Karenin just LOVES that.

Okay, so this post could win an award for "Most Rambling, Least Sense-Making Post of the Year." I think I'll hang it up and get some things done before Anja does wake up. Things like cleaning the bathroom and washing the dishes!

P.S. I wore a really cute outfit yesterday.


Anne said...

Oh good. I'm glad you're coming! I had a question mark by your name, but I'll change that now. :o) And I was excited to hear about the nice weather. I keep meaning to check the temp and keep forgetting!!

Anonymous said...

Annie: That 4:30-6:30 thing is so common. I used to dread that time of day too. And the bad part is that it pretty much lasts for YEARS. The children (even the older ones) are getting hungry, tired, over stimulated, whatever...Daddy is not home yet....Mama is trying to make is just a recipe for disaster. It is a good time to put on a video.

LauraSuz said...

Oh yay!! I'm glad you're coming!!